Shortlisted for the BELMA-Award 2015

by Hannah Bergqvist

Just got notified that legoglæ, a digital learning material aimed at the level of the Danish Pre-school, has been shortlisted for the BELMA 2015. I assisted the editor of the site with the English translation of the nomination entry.

One excited translator today! 🙂

OCTOBER 15th, 2015: UPDATE!

At the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, Leg og lær was awarded the Category 1 Silver Award. Hooray! The jury evaluated the project as follows:

Leg & lær: Evaluation

  • This is a really valuable learning material based on a wealth of playful activities specifically designed for young children in kindergarten.
  • The activities are well organised in topics relevant for the age group (music, nature, visit to a museum, digital learning, on the way to school etc.); the content items are regularly updated.
  • Navigation on the web sites is user-friendly, clear & consistent and, the on line page lay-out is really attractive.
  • The material is really comprehensive and provides the teacher with a particularly wide variety of features- referring to content, assessment or as feedback on children’s progress, including up to a template of a standard letter from the teacher to the parents, as well as very relevant and useful video tutorials.

Proud and honoured to have been part of this project!

(Originally published on Linkedin on August 11, 2015)

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