I read for the joy of stories & the rush of learning

Reading is my happy place!


Reading to me is more than decoding letters on a page to make meaning. To me, reading is exploration & contemplation, the conversation that arises when we share our favourite stories and listen to those of others. The spark that is ignited when we connect with a story (and its storyteller) and #GROW from the mutual learning experience, because we can relate or were moved by it.

Reading is a gateway skill to knowledge, yes, but it is also the highway to human connection. It is what makes all learning possible.

Reading makes you grow as an individual, sharing learning experiences grows a community!

Reading is learning is seeing. When we share our story and listen to those of others, we enter a space of #conversation #connection #magic. Once a reader, always a reader. There is no going back.

Below are some of the reading experiences that made the biggest impression on me. Enjoy!