New Job at Books & Magic!

by Hannah Bergqvist

Exciting news! Next week, on June 1st, I will be joining the creative team at Books & Magic as Producer in charge of book production, editing and translations, external communication, community management (SoMe) and internal project management. A bookish multitasker, in other words. Just my thing. So cool!

There’s more to the story:
Ignite the imagination and
bring the story to life!

What’s the future of books? What’s the future of reading? How do we get more children to read more books? Is the book (really) dead? Was it ever gone?

Over the years, in my work (and spare time), I have spent a lot of time talking, writing and thinking about these and many other book related questions in terms of development, in terms of moving things forward. And as genre, the augmented reality book is an interesting possible answer to these above questions. – Wait, augmented reality what? Yes, augmented reality books, a new genre in the making.

Through interaction between pages and pixels, Books & Magic combines the traditional reading experience (paper, inc, spine) with new app technology in augmented reality games, which altogether creates the magical reading experience (see YouTube teaser below). Through the beautifully crafted illustrations in the physical book, the AR technology facilitates exploration, play and interaction with the book universe through funny and challenging mobile games related to the plot of the story. This speaks directly to any literary / curious-creative mindset, because you can engage with the literary universe; interact, play and learn!

Books & Magic is a young and ambitious company that intends to set the future standard for AR books. As part of the B&M team, I will be able to work proactively and more innovatively with books and digital storytelling and share my bookish passion; the #magic of shared reading experiences. I see great potential in the interactive magic book experience, and I look forward to promote my love of literature as exemplified in this product.

Books and doors are the same thing.
You open them,
and you go through into another world.
(Jeanette Winterson)

(Originally published on Linkedin, May 24, 2016).

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