Listening is learning

I ask to understand & listen to discover new perspectives.


Listening to people who are experts in their field or just have an interesting story to tell is an opportunity to learn & gain new insight. Inspiration at eye (or ear?) level.

From my experience as a choir singer, I know how listening also has to do with staying quiet for a while and tuning in on other people’s voices. If one band member runs solo without staying in tune with the group, the total sound image is off – sometimes off key (yaiks!)

There is so much to be gained, if we even just for a moment step back and let others enter the stage, while we figure out how we can best contribute & supplement the harmony, when we join in.

Listening. Reflection. Conversation. Learning.

Here are some of the people, who have widened my horizons & inspired me to listen louder and find value in the pause.