by Hannah Bergqvist

Behind every lession is, etymologically,
the lectio; the act of reading.



A lifelong learner and avid (re-)reader, I’m interested in the #why of things. Being curious of the world and the people around me has always been a part of who I am. Home is where the heart is and my heart is with stories. In books, thick or thin, on screens and tablets, in and between and among people.

Here’s #why.

IT’S PERSONAL  For as long as I can remember, reading has been as natural for me as breathing. Whether they were read to me or by me, I have always found in books the sense of connection you only find with true friends. And books continue to be a joyful escape, a lifeline, a compass as well as a place of mindful exploration, where I can gain a higher level of perspective and find the creative inspiration to grow and develop as a person.

BUT IT’S ALSO SOCIAL  Books make up the cornerstone of social activity and human connection, because they prove much more fun and mind-blowing, when you actually engage in conversations about them with other people. And this is what I love the most:

Reading makes you grow as an individual, sharing learning experiences grows a community.

And this is why READ – SHARE – LISTEN – LEARN – GROW has become the motto phrase I live and work by. Besides being a gateway to knowledge, reading is how I connect with people both personally and professionally.


For almost 20 years, I have worked in various sectors of the Danish publishing industry learning the trade from inside out through hard work & by sharing my love for the written word. I have held positions as Producer, Digital Editor & Project Manager, Writer, Bookseller & Literary Consultant.

In 2018, I decided to take the leap and transform my freelance business into a full time capacity as independant consultant & communicative change maker. So I founded Curious ContextED.

When people learn that I have a background in publishing, I always get the “what’s your favourite book”-questions plus a recommendations request. The hard part is to select one favourite to recommend, because there’s really no such thing. But the conversation is fun and gives an an interesting insight into who people are, their dreams and aspirations.

Sharing stories is one way of getting to know people a little better.

Early in my career, I spent my training years in a bookstore handpicking and recommending books to all sorts of readers. And here I saw first hand what sharing stories can do. Selling books was more than exchanging a commodity for money. Sharing stories was a doorway to pushing empathy & kindness. An eye-opener and a realization that everybody has a story that made and make them who they are, a reading and-or learning experience that was critical for their personal development. By sharing these stories, we can all learn from the experiences and push the world in a more kind and sustainable direction, if we just ask and listen to understand.

If we just pay attention.

Over the years, I’ve come to think of reading as much more than a gateway to knowledge: it is the highway to our shared human experience: key for the growth of people individually and communities collectively. It is this kind of bookish magic I believe in and the outlook I work to encourage and inspire.

And this is #why I made storytelling print & digital my business.

I once read that your right element is that thing you can’t help thinking about. For me that “thing” is related to curiosity. I’ve always asked questions, I always want to know more.

So feel free to browse around for more insight into my work, projects and sources of inspiration. And if you have any interesting projects you’d like me to be a part of, reach out and let’s talk.

If it has a story, I’ll be curious to know it.

xxx Hannah