by Hannah Bergqvist
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Hi Hannah – just wanted to thank you for your terrific way of providing feedback. You are so positive and encouraging, which inspires to do even better. It’s a great pleasure to work with you! 🙂

– Signe Klausen
Freelance writer, Quill Content


Our collaboration with Hannah includes production of articles on school transformation and innovative learning space design and she has also contributed to workshop materials on Project Based Learning. Hannah’s pen is wonderfully vibrant and she possesses great strategic understanding of what the right communication can achieve. She’s every inch a professional and is generous in contributing ideas.
It’s a great pleasure to work with Hannah!

– Lene Jensby Lange
Founder & CEO – Head of Big Dreams


I had the pleasure of employing and working with Hannah at Books & Magic. She was entrusted with the difficult mixed role of Producer and Facilitator of our communication and public arrangements. She is very well structured and handles numerous tasks simultaneously with grace and confidence. Both traits had a positive effect on the rest of the team. On multiple occasions at conferences and fairs, Hannah proved herself outward and good at establishing contacts and creating trusted bonds. Additionally, she possesses an impressive knowledge and experience with multiple languages as well as communication in general – also on social media. While her time in Books & Magic, Hannah made a big difference for the company and she almost instantaneously became a trusted member of the team. She is a true “workhorse” and if I were to pick a weakness; it would be not to say “No”. But even that she manages better than most. Inside Hannah burns a passion for making a difference. Harness this and she will make wonders.

– Mark D. Folkenberg, CEO & Software Architect

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… Hannah has worked as Digital Editor & Project Manager in charge of a great and complex digital project,
to which she has contributed her great qualifications.
Hannah is very creative and has a keen eye for detail especially
regarding visual expression, usability & navigation.

– Henriette Thiesen, Publishing Director


.. Hannah is a catch-and-asset for any work place. She works dedicatedly and contributes enthusiastically and constructively with new ideas and perspectives. She is good at cooperating with colleagues and creative external partners, authors, graphic designers, etc. She’s well-liked, respected and popular with her surroundings.

– Lise Jæger, Editor in Chief
Danish Language Teaching


… Hannah’s work and versatile qualifications demands great respect. She has demonstrated a fine sense of graphic detail and excellent command of linguistic nuance and that she’s able to take a comprehensive overview of complex projects. No doubts that Hannah with her positive spirit and all-round profile is a valuable acquisition to any firm.

– Susanne F. Svendsen, Editor in Chief
Foreign Language Teaching


… Hannah is creative and good at listening to and serving our customers. She has an entrepreneurial mindset and has been extremely popular both staff and customers – she’s always positive and very smiling. I recommend her warmly!

– Kristian Krøyer, Owner & Master Bookseller


Hannah has worked in several of our departments and has had a varied working palette. She has always been good at learning the ropes and has time and again contributed greatly to the projects and tasks she has been assigned. We are very happy to work with Hannah, she is a kind, intelligent and trustworthy being, whom we are comfortable with entrusting a responsibility. I am convinced she will be a valuable acquisition to any company with which she’ll want to work.

– Niels Borgen, Publishing Director


Hannah has worked as Editorial Assistant at Maaholm Publishers with customer service, invoicing, proofreading, reviewing manuscripts, website development, marketing tasks, text production, logistics and event management on book fairs. She is very talented and has a strong sense of grammar and linguistic nuance. She is a happy, creative girl as well as an engaging, proactive and diligent colleague – very pleasant to work with. I recommend her warmly!

– Lene Maaholm, Founder & CEO